Wish List

If you can volunteer in any way or donate any of the following, there is a Volunteer
Form on the website . Please fill one out. Many hands do make the work easier and
much more fun.

• Mini-split (heating & cooling small spaces) for some sort of climate control in
Defender House
• Windows and installation for Defender House (7 approximately 45×27)
• Insulation and installation of insulation for Defender House
• Gallons of exterior primer and paint for Defender House (Sherwin Williams
has color)
• Handyman to repair of ceiling in bathroom
• Plumber to determine why some water runs slow, do something esthetically
pleasing with PVC pipes, and possibly replace hose bib
• Electric Heater Insert that looks like a fire for fireplace
• Overhang roof for back doorway to protect door
• 2x4s or several 1x8s for shelving (more specific for whatever the project)
• Repair of a gap in the Smoke House
• Repair of carriage bench outside of Smoke House
• Picnic tables and repair of the one we have
• Curator
• Docents
• Painters
• Event volunteers
• People who like to clean (we know you are out there)
• People with computer skills – FB, Instagram, Excel
• CPA – so we stay on the good side of the government
• Cans to make banks (# 2)
• Hose and Hose Winder
• Heater (approx. 3 feet) with thermostat for Carriage House
• 2 More Solar Lights
• Storage Building