• Linda Elben-Adams for her marvelous work reviving our FB page and all of the people who
have shared photos, articles, and memories – especially Honey Towsend and Rem Simpson
• Town of Trappe for their support and a 2K grant to make some repairs
• Mike Detmer for a wonderful article about our reboot meeting for the Star Democrat
• Colin Vissering has provided important grant writing assistance – and will continue
• George Dappert on Habitat for Humanity’s board arranged for John Piposzar, Critical Home
Repair Manager, and Wayne Suggs, Construction Director, to inspect the property and make
recommendations as to what our buildings need. This has been a great help
• Erin Fluharty Lewis and Chesapeake Center did a LOT of clean-up of the property
shrubbery, downed limbs, and such last summer and fall – a godsend
• Willow Works reestablished our website and maintains it and thanks to Robert Croswell for
all the work on the original
• Talbot Historical Society, Cathy Hill, Peggy Morey, Patty Rockwell, and Kayla Weber have
been encouraging and educating
• Cassandra Vanhooser of Talbot Tourism and Gail Owens of Stories of the Chesapeake have
been helpful and encouraging and are working with the Town of Trappe to become part of
the Stories of the Chesapeake area so we, and others, will be eligible for certain grants
• Mid-Shore Community Foundation has been an important resource
• Carson and Jo Anne Andrew let us meet at their home in Trappe until Defender House was
again suitable
• The Oxford Museum – Julie Wells and Stuart Parnes with instruction and encouragement
• Old Wye Mill Museum – Hal Van Aller has been encouraging and helpful with information
• Ryan Perez with work done in excess of his quote and staying within our budget
• Pops Market helped with a mulch delivery – it does make a big difference!
• Balls Greenhouse was very helpful with plants for our May 2023 fundraising plant sale
• P. E. Moore, Brad Moore for work done way beyond expectations
• Amy Stewart and her wonderful article for June 2023 Attraction Magazine
• Dairy Queen in Easton – for donating prizes.
• Shirley Adams for afghan for Fundraising
• Victoria Gomez Lozano for her services translating documents to Spanish
• Bo Nelson shows up and helps whenever we call
• Garden & Garnish providing tables and chairs