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Appointments for visitations

We will be open 10-2 May 4, July 13, August 10, September 14. October 12, November 9, as well as by appointment. Call 410-476-4857 to make an appointment.  From July through November members may bring samples of ancestor handwriting, preferably with date or approximate date, to see if we can tell them something they did not already know.


New Page For Our Site

We have just added  a Media page to display links to articles and publicity about our museum. Recently we have been written about in the Star Democrat, Attraction Magazine, WBOC website and Bay Magazine. We will continue to add to this page as we find things of interest to post.

Also a mistake was listed on the Event Calendar – our apologies. We are trying to do more with the website and will be adding more events and other improvements as we grow. As usual, more volunteers are always appreciated 🙂


We have come a long way since this time last year and owe a lot to those who have
helped us as well as our Board of Directors.

• We have met monthly
• We updated our By-Laws
• We again have a website:
• We are able to accept credit and debit cards and our new website accepts donations.
• We have new brochure with QR codes and a mission statement: “To preserve, share, and
celebrate the rich heritage of Trappe, Maryland”.
• We have been open by appointment since April
• Our Fundraising Committee, headed by Mary Ann Windsor and includes Stephanie
Chester, Nicole Chase-Powell, Chris Eareckson, and JoAnne Andrew, had a very
successful flower sale in May. They have met regularly and have done a wonderful job of
creating items for our museum to sell and going out into the community and making
others aware of our existence.
• We had a presence at our Little League Opening Day
• We had a fun and well attended Friends and Visitors Day in June.
• We have had good press coverage.
• Our can seamer is back online and we can make banks.
• Defender House was vandalized – twice. We have recovered (minus an air conditioner.)
• Defender House also has a new door and repaired entry including part of floor, as well as
a new ramp.
• A security camera and lights have been added.
• The museum has a dedicated phone number and is included on the new palm/rack cards
of Talbot Small Museums.
• Our grounds are generally looking their best in years with ongoing clean up and pruning.
• The Carriage House is in better shape than it has ever been with an excellent foundation,
siding, door, windows, paint, repaired electric, steps, and ramp.
• The Scale House has been painted, has new, safe steps and the door repaired.
• The Smoke House has been cleaned, painted, and the step repaired
• We participated in the Delmarva Chicken Festival
• The issue with our well seems resolved.
• We participated in Nace’s Day Parade and had the museum open with great Nathaniel
Hopkins information. Many came for the first-time including Nathiel Hopkins’
descendants and even a great nephew of Harriett Tubman, Douglas Mitchell.
• We are about to have a second annual meeting.

Wish List

If you can volunteer in any way or donate any of the following, there is a Volunteer
Form on the website . Please fill one out. Many hands do make the work easier and
much more fun.

• Mini-split (heating & cooling small spaces) for some sort of climate control in
Defender House
• Windows and installation for Defender House (7 approximately 45×27)
• Insulation and installation of insulation for Defender House
• Gallons of exterior primer and paint for Defender House (Sherwin Williams
has color)
• Handyman to repair of ceiling in bathroom
• Plumber to determine why some water runs slow, do something esthetically
pleasing with PVC pipes, and possibly replace hose bib
• Electric Heater Insert that looks like a fire for fireplace
• Overhang roof for back doorway to protect door
• 2x4s or several 1x8s for shelving (more specific for whatever the project)
• Repair of a gap in the Smoke House
• Repair of carriage bench outside of Smoke House
• Picnic tables and repair of the one we have
• Curator
• Docents
• Painters
• Event volunteers
• People who like to clean (we know you are out there)
• People with computer skills – FB, Instagram, Excel
• CPA – so we stay on the good side of the government
• Cans to make banks (# 2)
• Hose and Hose Winder
• Heater (approx. 3 feet) with thermostat for Carriage House
• 2 More Solar Lights
• Storage Building

Update and Upcoming Events

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It has been a very busy year. In addition to the support of our members we have also
had outstanding help from so very many people. A list of people who have come
forward to help is enclosed as well as a list of accomplishments over the past year.
We are always looking for volunteers and a wonderful volunteer form has been
added to our website. We hope this will make volunteering easier.
We also have a wish list of things we need and some things that would be really nice
to have. The list is enclosed and if you have any ideas for us, please do share.

Upcoming Events:
11/15, 6 p.m. Annual Meeting at the museum.
11/18 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Museum & Gift Shop Open.
12/2, 3 to 7 p.m. A Trappe Olde Fashioned Christmas
Complete with Santa, refreshments, & children’s activities.

It is again time for our annual membership drive and we hope we can count on your
support. The membership form is included or you can donate via our website: It is also easy to create online bank checks. Please share
suggestions anytime via email with your information
including your email address if you would like to be on our email list. We have
hopes of creating a newsletter that we can email to those interested and eliminating
some postal expense.


Elizabeth Ferguson


Updates to our site

We are are a work in progress and doing many things so we are also currently updating our site. Stop back from time to time to see what’s happening.

 Please visit our historic museum complex. at 29241 Backtown Rd, Trappe, MD 21673 Open by appointment. Call 410-476-4857 to make an appointment for a tour at your convenience or 443-477-3537 for general information.