We have come a long way since this time last year and owe a lot to those who have
helped us as well as our Board of Directors.

• We have met monthly
• We updated our By-Laws
• We again have a website:
• We are able to accept credit and debit cards and our new website accepts donations.
• We have new brochure with QR codes and a mission statement: “To preserve, share, and
celebrate the rich heritage of Trappe, Maryland”.
• We have been open by appointment since April
• Our Fundraising Committee, headed by Mary Ann Windsor and includes Stephanie
Chester, Nicole Chase-Powell, Chris Eareckson, and JoAnne Andrew, had a very
successful flower sale in May. They have met regularly and have done a wonderful job of
creating items for our museum to sell and going out into the community and making
others aware of our existence.
• We had a presence at our Little League Opening Day
• We had a fun and well attended Friends and Visitors Day in June.
• We have had good press coverage.
• Our can seamer is back online and we can make banks.
• Defender House was vandalized – twice. We have recovered (minus an air conditioner.)
• Defender House also has a new door and repaired entry including part of floor, as well as
a new ramp.
• A security camera and lights have been added.
• The museum has a dedicated phone number and is included on the new palm/rack cards
of Talbot Small Museums.
• Our grounds are generally looking their best in years with ongoing clean up and pruning.
• The Carriage House is in better shape than it has ever been with an excellent foundation,
siding, door, windows, paint, repaired electric, steps, and ramp.
• The Scale House has been painted, has new, safe steps and the door repaired.
• The Smoke House has been cleaned, painted, and the step repaired
• We participated in the Delmarva Chicken Festival
• The issue with our well seems resolved.
• We participated in Nace’s Day Parade and had the museum open with great Nathaniel
Hopkins information. Many came for the first-time including Nathiel Hopkins’
descendants and even a great nephew of Harriett Tubman, Douglas Mitchell.
• We are about to have a second annual meeting.